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Multi-Listings with One Gold Submission

Most website design companies actually provide a number of services. These can include website design (of course), website hosting, search engine optimization, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, logo and graphic design etc. And so, since this directory is focusing deep into the website design niche, we had to allow for companies to add multiple listings across multiple categories - hence Multi-Listings!

Multi-Listings are easily added when you submit a gold listing. You can add up to five extra listings! Here's how it actually looks on the submission form:-


As you can see, you can assign each extra listing to its own category, give it a unique URL, and give that URL it's own anchor text ("Title"). This gives you deep links to those inner pages of your website that Google love to index!

Each listing appears in its own respective category!

Moreover, it gives human visitors many more ways to find your website, as you will be found in many different categories!

That's not all - in your profile page, all of these extra listings are listed on the sidebar, just like below :-

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