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Web Design: Why Aesthetics are Not Enough

submitted on 13 March 2021 by
The importance of good design of a website is immense, but is it great enough to be solely focused on while making a website? The answer is no. Imagine visiting a website with exceptional web design that doesn’t serve the purpose. What a waste of time. In today’s world the criteria of judging a website has changed. People now judge a website upon many aspects other than just its looks. If you are planning to develop a website or looking for ways to improve your website’s ranking, it is crucial for you to know each of the factors affecting the success of your website.

Here are the key features that can help make your website successful

Relevant Keywords
Relevant keywords, especially long tail keywords can boost up your visibility and bring up more relevant traffic to your website that has higher chances of becoming your customers.

Interactive Content
Better user experience is the most essential element to make a website successful as it can turn your traffic into long term customers. This is where relevant and engaging content plays its part. Engaging content along with internal links can make your targeted audience hook to your website, making them hop from one page to another. In addition, features, such as comment, live chat and feedback section along with some quizzes, surveys and polls make your website more interactive. As a result, your customers would feel more valued and become more loyal to your brand.

Easy Navigation
Another element that adds value to your website is easy and organized navigation. If your website provides simple navigation, your visitors will enjoy spending more time on your website and explore more information about your services or products. It is also important to look at how well your navigation is incorporated with the design of your website. An unclear and difficult to navigate website will frustrate your visitors and will increase the bounce rate of your website. Therefore, to retain your visitors for a longer time on your website, use simple and well-structured navigation that fits well with your web design.

Fast Loading Pages
Having a slow loading website is very frustrating for the generation with lighting fast internet speed. A quick to load website can make a great impression on your visitors and appear to be more professional. Hence, improving the user experience and the reliability of your brand, while a slow to load website can do the opposite. In addition, the speed of your website also affects your SEO ranking as just like your users, Google also expects fast website speed and ranks websites accordingly.

Web Design
Though web design is not the sole factor to make your website successful, it is still one of the most important aspects that can make your website impressive and user friendly. Hence, along with the features mentioned above you need to raise your game in web design as well. To assist you in this process, we have gathered some amazing web design tips to make your website stand out.

5 best web design tips and tricks to make your website more profitable

Make It Less Bulky
A bulky web design can slow down the speed of your website, which can negatively impact your SEO ranking, user experience, conversions and revenue. According to a study by Imperva Incapsula it was reported that about 50% of the visitors leave the website if it doesn’t load within 5 seconds. Therefore, one of the most important things to consider while designing a website is to make sure that it is not very heavy.

Keep It Simple
Too much information can overwhelm and confuse your visitors thus, it is better to display only important menu items, focus on only one call to action and one goal per page. In addition, fancy font styles, multiple colors, too many images and animations can also distract your visitors from reading your content and should be avoided. A study conducted by Google has shown that visitors appreciate simple designs with familiar layouts and more whitespaces. That is why the best web designers in USA should be very careful while designing websites and try not make them visually too busy.

Use Long Pages
A case study by Crazy Egg showed a 30% increase in their conversion rate after they changed their short sales page that required clicking to navigate pages to a 20 times longer page that required scrolling.

Include Social Proof
In order to gain credibility, it is a good idea to add social proof to your site. By providing your visitors the evidence you can make your visitors certain that they are doing the right thing by choosing you.

Make it Mobile Friendly
With increased mobile usage people are now viewing websites mostly from their cell phones. If you want to keep pace with the modern world, you need to make your website mobile friendly. In order to do that, minimize the element of your page and scale down some of the assets, such as the menu. Moreover, you can also take advantage of unique mobile features for websites to make your mobile design even better.

In conclusion, to make your website more profitable you need to focus on all the essential factors including its functionality, design, content, user experience, etc. Leaving any one of them could badly affect your ranking, conversions and revenue.
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